The GroundHog Dirt Digging & Weed Ripping Tools

First in a wide series of dirt digging tools
The GroundHog Digging Tools and Weed Rippers was invented by Ron Hoffman and Manufactured in the Humboldt County USA by BuilderMgt. After years of developing this product for use in the Electrical construction work, the idea recently became a great need for gardeners, farmers and any quick easy digging task or small tilling. Great for extracting weeds and a variety of dirt work. On my first visit to the local Humboldt County CA farmers market, the response was instantly very positive excitement with many farmers. I’m scheduling demos at the farms to fine tune the designs and taking orders now. They are made from durable steel and welded for the designed application.
Available for about $39.

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The PVC Bender & The RodHammer!

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Introducing The PVC Bender. Avialable now for $109

Introducing THE RODHAMMER. Avialable now for $150

Featuring The new RodHammer ground rod driver that makes this hard job an easy fast safe task. When I started showing this to electricians they all gave me their common story about the various methods used. I had the same experience and finally, had had enough and made this 2-3 years ago and have used it many time. I would say that it will pay for itself in 6 ground rods just in easy time savings…