About BuilderMgt

BuilderMgt was created by Ron Hoffman of Electrical System Professionals a California Electrical Contractor, an electrician by trade as well as TV producer, and  Sponsor  www.InsidePool.TV. BuilderMgt was created with the idea of bringing together various contractors from all over the construction industry in order to share information, unique jobs experiences, and Buy/Sell/Trade/Re-purpose/Recycle/Reuse Surplus Construction Materials. Save our Valuable Environmental Resources!!! Materials such as surplus materials left over from job sites.

The website is divided into 3 parts: Home page videos, Header pages and Post pages. We are able to produce commercials, infomercials, product promotions and short stories.

The Home page loop video is the current information and the TV page is for the quick links to certain videos. We will also be using our own experiences and that from anyone else to show many job saving techniques and ideas.

The Header pages

The Post pages

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